Our Process

So you have been looking at that old kitchen for a while. Should we replace our cabinets? How about countertops? Quartz or granite? Island or peninsula? So many questions and answers that you’ll need before making a decision to upgrade a room or an entire home. How much will all this cost? Well, each case is different. It all depends on the extent of the project.

Here is how we can help you:

No ballpark will be provided during our visit. Before we can put a number into a project many aspects of the project need to be discussed and calculated to provide you with an accurate bid. 

If the scope and numbers look good to you and you’d like to hire us to make your project come to life, we’ll get the ball rolling once the contract has been signed and the initial investment fund has been provided to Panther Construction.

If your project requires architectural drawings, we’ll be handling it alongside with the aid of our architect so that we can provide a permit drawing to the county. A 2D and 3D rendering will also be provided to the client. This helps to give a basic visual of how the room transformation will look like.

All building materials are included in your estimate. However, certain items are to be provided by the client and it will be determined and outlined in our agreement. It is imperative that all materials furnished by clients are available and delivered by the project start date. Any delays caused by the absence of material the homeowner ordered will be discounted as a loss project management day – this means it will cost you the schedule fee and will be considered as a change order charge.

During this phase all demolition, new installation, and construction work will be undertaken. The Production Manager will be responsible for meeting the building timeline, ensuring quality and cost control, supervising and scheduling subcontractors, ensuring the worksite is clean and safe, answering your questions, and addressing any new ideas you may have. If changes occur or additional work is necessary, we’ll prepare a detailed addendum for your review prior to any changes occurring.

 After demolition, we start rough plumbing, electrical and then drywall work. At this point you’ll be seeing our trade contractors which, depending on the size of the project, may take two to three days. We’ll then start closing walls, installing tiles (Drywall and tile work are the most tedious and time consuming, don’t expect it to be quick). This is a stage where the pace of construction may appear slow but rest assured: we’re working diligently to deliver the best work for you.

A construction project isn’t an easy task. We will do our best to get the job done on time and on budget with high quality work and customer service. However, there can be unexpected circumstances which may delay your project and add additional cost to your remodel. Be prepared and leave a contingency fund set aside just in case.

Project Completion/Walk-Through
The entire project is done. We will walk it through with you a day before the site gets its full clean up. We’ll deliver your space clean and sanitized, ready to be used. Please inspect the project as the job progresses so that we don’t leave minor alterations to be done on the very last day. Most of our walk-throughs are 100% approved by our clients because we have monitored client’s satisfaction throughout.

Labor Warranty
Per contract and Virginia laws, contractors must provide at least one year labor warranty. This typically refers to any problems which appear post-construction caused by labor error, not by appliance or material defects. You can count on us to give you the assistance and analysis necessary to determine what the problem may be and address it accordingly.

We hope this gives you a good insight into what to expect and we look forward to your contact so that we can help you transform your space from good to great!